At the Office

Every child is different, so the extent of services performed at this appointment will vary.  Dr. Erin and her team will take the time to build a rapport with your kid.  We will then show them the dental chair and instruments to be used, including the squirt gun (water syringe), Mr. Thirsty (the straw), and so on.  Only then will an exam and cleaning be conducted.  For young kids, the exam, cleaning and fluoride placement may be done in a “knee to knee” fashion with a parent.  If indicated x-rays will be taken.  For the majority, any dental decay discovered at the first visit will be taken care of at another appointment.

Our goal is for every child to have a pleasant dental experience, but it is okay and not unexpected if your child cries or squirms, especially if they are very young.  Being in a new environment with several new faces can be overwhelming.  The team at Winning Smiles is very experienced in taking care of children in the dental setting, so with your help and positivity, we can make each visit to the dentist a great one!