In most situations we're able to talk kids of all ages through exams and cleanings.  Some kids, however, may need a little additional help if more extensive treatment (like fillings, crowns or more) is needed.  Here's how we can help!

TVs – Our private treatment rooms are equipped with overhead TVs that can play your child’s favorite movie during their appointment.  Often times, this can be just enough to make a young or a slightly anxious kid relaxed and comfortable enough for treatment to be completed.

Nitrous Oxide – For the slightly anxious patient or a young one needing help to sit in the chair long enough for completion of treatment, nitrous oxide can be used.  Also called laughing gas, it is an extremely safe, effective and rapid acting gas that is inhaled via a small mask placed over your child’s nose.  As the gas enters their lungs, patients often feel tingly, “floaty,” and more relaxed overall.  After treatment is finished, the gas rapidly escapes from the body, and your daughter or son can resume their normal activity.

Oral conscious sedation – COMING SOON!! A liquid combination of two medications, oral conscious sedation helps moderately apprehensive and anxious children, as well as those with multiple cavities needing treatment, comfortably and safely accept dental treatment without completely falling asleep.  For answers to commonly asked questions about oral conscious sedation, please see our FAQs page.

General anesthesia – In some cases, your child may need to have dental treatment while completely asleep in order for their experience to be as comfortable and non-traumatic as possible.  Severe anxiety/apprehension, young age, extensive dental treatment and special healthcare needs are often qualifications for undergoing general anesthesia.  All treatment will be finished at one appointment in an outpatient surgery center while your son or daughter sleeps, and they will have no memory or pain during the procedure.  For more details on general anesthesia, please see our FAQs page.