Prior to the First Visit

After you've scheduled an appointment, we ask that you fill out a health history form and consent forms on our website before arriving at the office.  Sending these online forms to our office allows for review prior to the appointment, along with less paper and time spent in office filling out these forms.  It also allows for the most accurate insurance estimates.  For questions regarding insurance, please see our FAQs page.

Shortly before your first visit with us, please use encouragement with your child.  If you are nervous, please do not convey this to your kid, as it will only make them nervous too.  Instead use dental books and movies to explain what it means to see the dentist and use encouraging words about the appointment.  Things NOT to say include: shot, needle, pull, “nothing will hurt” and so on.  If your child asks what will happen that day, tell them simply that the dentist will look at your teeth, brush them and maybe even take pictures.  We invite you to bring your son or daughter to explore the office and meet the team prior to the first appointment.