Prophylaxis (cleaning) - Everyone, including kids, should have a cleaning done by a dental professional every 6 months to ensure that bacteria, plaque and food debris are completely removed from teeth.  At home toothbrushes do a great job for daily use, but they can't remove everything that professional tools can remove.

Nutritional Counseling and Oral Hygiene Instructions – You are what you eat!  We’ll provide education on food choices that can affect your little one’s dental health and the best ways to take care of their teeth at every age.

Fluoride – A mineral found naturally in some water and food sources, appropriate fluoride intake (along with proper home care and diet, of course) has been shown to decrease the incidence of dental cavities.  It can help to re-mineralize slightly weakened areas of the teeth and protect from acids which can decrease both sensitivity and dental decay.

Sealants – A BPA free, tooth colored, protective coating for the chewing surfaces of the teeth.  The majority of cavities in kids occur on the top, chewing surface of the tooth, so placing these coverings into the deep, food collecting grooves helps to reduce the chance of getting cavities.